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North George Studios

North George Studios has been a leader of graphic design in Peterborough for over twenty years. The company specializes in everything from designing ad campaigns—logos, letterhead, slogans, brochures, posters, direct mail and print and multimedia advertisements—to book design and layout and digital video. North George Studios has worked for a broad range of clients, including individuals, small-business owners, and large corporations and organizations. These clients have been involved in the tourist industry; education, medicine, and the social services; and real estate, to name but a few areas of special expertise. The rare ability to be both visually and linguistically creative has served the company well. North George Studios can write copy for clients and carry a project from concept through writing to design, printing, and final production. Its advantage is that staff can produce all work in house, streamlining the whole process, saving you time and money, and keeping your message focused and clear.

Shan McFadden Design Services

Shan McFadden Design Services has been a trusted associate of Cover to Cover since our inception. In fact, this website would not have been possible without Shan’s valued expertise. This expertise is vast and Shan’s talents many: website design is perhaps the most demanded of Shan’s services, amalgamating his understanding of code as well as his knowledge of e-commerce. The websites he designs are streamlined to be user-friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing. Shan also specializes in multimedia design, and he is available for on-site training should you wish to learn to maintain your own website, master Photoshop, or educate yourself or your company about today’s ever-advancing e-design opportunities. (Of interest to our readers is that Shan is also a children's author. A preview of his audiobook Grubbybeard versus Big Smelley Zeke: An epic tale of bad versus evil is now available. Perhaps Cover to Cover should venture into new markets and sign him up!)

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