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Design & Layout

Cover to Cover's professional in-house designer can produce an original layout for your publication, or he can work from a publisher's template. Academic, trade, educational, and self-publishing projects are all within our scope. We also arrange printing and binding.

Original Design

  • Federalism in Canada and Australia: Historical Perspectives, 1920-1988 by Bruce W. Hodgins et al (ISBN 0969379005)

  • Forest to Farm: Early Days in Otonabee edited by D. Gayle Nelson (ISBN 0968393519)

  • The "Impossible" Railway: A Memoir of Surveying the Quebec and North-Shore Railway by Charles Macdonald

  • The Invention of the Board Canoe compiled by Ken Brown

  • Bauhaus in the New World: Ron Thom at Trent University by Jodi Aoki and Bernadine Dodge

    Publisher's Template

  • Economics as Moral Science by Bernard Hodgson (ISBN 3540410627)

  • The Invisible Hand and the Common Good edited by Bernard Hodgson (ISBN 3540223533)
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