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We provide efficient and discrete freelance research services guaranteed to meet your needs and deadlines. Primary research, archival research, secondary research, library research, literature reviews, online searches, genealogical research, and even title searches: we are experienced at all of these. Our senior researcher has taught research skills at the university level for over twenty years and specializes in historical research. Our clients wishing land registry or archival research usually live in the Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, or Peterborough areas, but Internet research is not limited by geography. Various completed projects are described below.

  • Weekly research on prostate cancer to update the website of the Prostate Cancer Canada Network
  • Marketing research on university-level ESL programs in Canada
  • Educational research for the creation of a web site providing links to and reviews of web pages useful in teaching the Ontario history curriculum
  • Bibliography of material by and about philosopher H. A. Pritchard
  • Genealogical research on various Kingston area United Empire Loyalists
  • Descriptive cartobibliography of maps of the Peterborough area
  • Historical research on heritage homes and their owners, sometimes for the preparation of tax-back grants offered through the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Research on treatment protocols for juvenile arthritis
  • Survey of writing instruction in Canadian universities
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