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Editing / Proofreading

Editorial service is the keystone of our company. We are published authors of guides to writing, grammar, revision, editing, proofreading, and bibliographic citation. Our experience with traditional and electronic publishing enables us to guide you through the various processes involved in getting your manuscript "to press." We edit to your specifications, using paper manuscripts, editing software, or electronic files generated on Mac or PC platforms. Here are the various editing services we provide.

  • Copyediting: to check the coherence, organization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency of a manuscript
  • Mark-up: to insert specifications (in code or in the text) that instruct typesetters, web site developers, or others of layout requirements
  • Proofreading: to read the page proofs of an edited manuscript for consistency (of design, typography, and line breaks) and to ensure the incorporation of approved changes and author revisions
  • Rewriting: to create a new manuscript or to update parts of a manuscript based on material supplied by the author
  • Fact-checking and bibliographic verification: to check the accuracy of facts, quotations, citations, and references
  • Manuscript evaluation: to evaluate the general and market potential of a manuscript and make suggestions for its improvement
  • Stylistic editing: to clarify the meaning and improve the overall style of a manuscript by eliminating jargon and making language direct, precise, and appropriate for a particular audience or market
  • Substantive editing: to clarify and reorganize the content and structure of a manuscript
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